Farmacia Internacional
Mexico City

September 2018

It’s a near-impossible decision to be sure, but Farmacia Internacional just might be my favorite café in all of Mexico City. Nothing about it feels overly premeditated, yet everything is perfectly placed and totally charming. Dishes in the sink, sautéeing veggies on the stove. It’s like stepping into your grandma’s farmhouse kitchen, if only your grandma happened to serve avocado toast and craft beer.

Farmacia, for me, is a morning place, mostly because I almost always go in the mornings. The space is warmly lit and makes a great cup of coffee (they brew from the Mexican roastery Buna). But it’s also open through the early evening and is equally inviting during a late afternoon rainstorm. Either way, it’s somewhere you want to take your time - drawn out breakfast dates, writing postcards home (ahem), unplugging to finish a book. Farmacia does offer wifi and I’ll admit to more than once using the café as my morning office, but it’s not the sort of place looking to attract a laptop crowd. After you Instagram your frittata, put down your phone. Drink your latte. Talk to your friends.

The biscuit with guava marmalade is so delicious that I rarely order much else besides an americano, but I have yet to find anything on the menu that disappoints. Its offerings transcend a sense of place - not really Mexican, but still naturally and subtly influenced by tradition and what is available locally, with many recipes arousing a nostalgia for family gatherings and travel to other parts, all blended with classic coffeeshop culture. In particular, the baked goods, in a country full of light, dry and under-buttered pastry (personal opinion), are stand-outs.

Farmacia Internacional is located at Calle Bucareli 128 in what was formerly a drugstore (thus the name), between Colonia Juárez and the historic center, and within walking distance from Roma Norte. If you’re going to La Ciudadela artisan market to stock up on souvenirs a few blocks away - which I recommend you do - it’s the place to stop in for some home-cooked medicine. ⁍

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Barrio Chino, Ciudad de México

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