Churrería El Moro
Mexico City

September 2018

If went to Mexico City and didn’t eat at El Moro, you can still say you went to Mexico City… but frankly, you missed the memo (this place is no secret) and also missed out on some delicious churros.

The genius of churros is that, technically being a donut, they are perfectly acceptable to eat straight away in the morning. But they also make a fine afternoon snack and of course, can be enjoyed as a warm and satisfying dessert. So given their versatility and El Moro’s good reputation, at pretty much any hour of the day you can expect a crowd and probably a line, but the straightforward menu offerings keep things moving along. The churros, either rolled in sugar or sugar and cinnamon, come in orders of four, which seems like a lot until everyone at the table is fighting over the last bits. Besides churros, El Moro serves several types of drinking chocolates (the Español comes recommended - it is rich and delicious and thick enough for dipping), milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches called consuelos served on spiraled churros, naturally. In the event that you want something savory, instead of or maybe in addition to churros (I’m continually amazed at how many people I see eating both), the menu also includes a very limited selection of tortas (and by limited, I mean two). 

The location in the Centro Histórico is the original, with an old-school Spanish feel and unique in that it is the only one to stay open twenty-four hours. (You can also order tacos and tortas here, but they require standing in a separate line outside. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it works.) The other locations, of which there are seven and counting, are all re-branded in a cool white and blue tile with more modern furnishings. My personal favorite, apart from downtown, is in Condesa’s Hipódromo on the corner of Avenida Michoacán overlooking Parque México.

If you’re going to Mexico City, consider this your official memo. You know... so you don’t have to say you went to Mexico City and missed out on some delicious churros.

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Barrio Chino, Ciudad de México

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